Expect the Unexpected!

I have had this message burning in me for MONTHS! But it’s a good thing I haven’t written it until now, because little did I know ten months ago when it began stirring inside of me, that the greatest outpouring and revelation was yet to come. So I’m going to start at the end…but the beauty is that this end is really only the beginning of what is to come.

Four weeks ago today we gave birth to our third child, Fleur Grace. This was no ordinary birth (as none of ours seem to be!), as we accidentally delivered her at home, by ourselves, on our bathroom ensuite floor, after nothing less than an easy and pain free five minute labour. Yep. You heard correctly. FIVE.MINUTE.LABOUR. Which actually would have been even less if it wasn’t for me holding on and keeping her in from falling out while I screamed out to my husband for help, but that’s a whole other story I’ll write about another time!

So when I say ‘expect the unexpected’ I’m talking about walking into the bathroom in the morning to brush your teeth and delivering a baby with your own hands before you even have time to spit and rinse. Don’t even get me started on UNEXPECTED!!! Ok wait, get me started…here at the beginning of our story and we’ll lead up to Fleur’s prophetic and powerful birth… Read more “Expect the Unexpected!”

Arise and Shine!

I know right, it’s been a while since my last post. 8 months to be exact. My bad. I could rattle off a list of every valid reason, excuse, difficulty, time constraint, life problem etc etc, but hey, here I am now, back and ready to go again and with so many words burning within me just dying to escape through my fingertips! I find it ironic that one of my last posts was It’s Time to Flourish, where I shared my conviction of how the season of winter was over and spring had finally sprung, ready for us to step into, encounter and flourish, and how I had such an excitement within me for the breakthroughs and changes that were about to take place. Boy were there breakthroughs and unexpected changes in our life, but that’s a whole other post! So while 8 months ago I wrote about springtime springing forth and blooming all around us…here I am now (in Australia) on the cold, crisp cusp of autumn and winter. Read more “Arise and Shine!”

Soldiers Arise

In my pre-kid life I had these perfect ideals of being so gender neutral as a parent, not to push anything one way or another onto either my boys or girls. And I still try and hold onto that, except…well…my son is a complete and utter boys boy! Rugged, masculine, warrior-like, fighting, energetic, outdoors, cars, trains, planes, mechanical, engineering kind of guy. To the core. Neither my husband or myself are this way inclined, so thank goodness for uncles and grandfathers in our lives! “You want to go camping?!?!?! Papa will take you!” “You want to build a car engine?!?! Ask Uncle Andrew!” “You want to learn martial arts? Thank goodness Uncle Lachlan is an MMA fighter!” So it was no surprise one morning recently when Hugo casually told me that he wanted to dress up as a knight in shining armour and slay the evil dragon (Mummy. Of course) to save the beautiful princess (his sister – again, there’s those ‘gender neutral’ ideals out the window) who is in the big castle surrounded by alligator infested waters. Yep, boys boy. Read more “Soldiers Arise”