TenaciousMama is about the everyday woman. We are wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends. We face the daily responsibilities of household duties, pursuing education and careers, juggling motherhood, work and business while at the same time shaping and moulding the little lives in our care. We experience disappointments, discouragement, pain and testing situations that life throws at us, yet we hold on to hopes and dreams and have future goals and desires longing to be fulfilled.

We also live in the real world – the busyness of real life. We have real needs and real circumstances. We each have our own situations that we love yet at the same time crave for so much more. We have bills to pay, budgets to meet, kids to collect from school, dinner to prepare, deadlines to meet, study to complete, relationships to foster and amongst it all manage to find some time for ourselves.

But we also have an intimate relationship with a real and living God. A God whose power is at work within our lives. A God who comes and takes the burden from our shoulders and gives us the grace and strength to not just carry on, but to grasp hold of this life and stand victoriously over every circumstance and situation. When we have this relationship with God and the real and tangible power of his presence in our life, we can live the thriving and abundant life that He has called us to live, while walking in the daily tasks of motherhood, wifehood and womanhood.

We are real women, living in a real world yet we have the power of a real God at work in our lives. This is what enables us to take this life by the reins and live it to the absolute max! It all comes from his Spirit and ridding ourselves of ‘ourselves’ and filling up on him. We don’t have to try and strive, because we can only do it through his strength and grace. It’s a lifestyle of living continually in and from the presence of God that sets us up to be the successful, productive and overflowing women that we are called to be. We may not be there yet, but we are well on our way and enjoying the journey together!


Wife of 10 years to Gavin. Mother to Hugo James (May 2012) and Everly Rose (July 2014). Natalie Fuller is qualified in counselling and psychology and has a background in pastoring. She is passionate about seeing women discover their God-given potential, be released into their calling, pursue their dreams and desires and live a life of power, presence and purpose. Currently based in Sydney, Australia, Natalie is a very passionate, engaging and challenging preacher and speaks at women’s conferences, church services, local and community events.